Regnum Christi

The Missionary of Wall Street

Ever since Regnum Christi began the NYC Mission at the Basilica of Saint Patrick’s Old Cathedral in 2008, there have been dozens of riveting, inspiring, and even funny stories of ordinary Catholics from the financial sector evangelizing their wary New York neighbors – all of which have been gathered in Steve Auth’s compelling book, The Missionary of Wall Street.

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Faith & Formation

Looking for some spiritual nourishment and some practical guidance on how to live out your Christian Faith amidst the daily challenges and confusions of contemporary life? Then come join us for a mini-morning of Faith and Formation. More Info

Advent Retreat

Join us on our Advent Retreat as we focus on what His coming means for us in today’s world. More Info

Spiritual Exercises

Following the original format of the Ignatian retreat, the Spiritual Exercises take you through a profound experience of getting to know Christ. Men’s Retreats | Women’s Retreats