Virtual Evangelization Challenges


  • Contact your local pastor and ask him if he can do drive by confessions.  If so, ask if you can help to promote this through the internet.
  • Ask your family and friends to join with us at the Palm Sunday Mass at Old St. Pat’s.
  • Hang your mission tee shirt as a makeshift flag outside your front door or on the front porch/window if you are in the city.  Display prominently our logo, “Be Not Afraid.”


  • Ask your pastor on Sunday for the names and phone numbers of five parish shut ins that you can call today and have a chat/zoom with. 


  • Remember the name of one person you met on the mission, or that struck you in The Missionary book, and pray a rosary with your family for that person today.


  • Call or email your nearby neighbors and ask them to  join you at sunset to do a rosary on their front porches together with you to mark the beginning of the Triduum tomorrow.


  • Do an extra special act of service for someone in your family today as a mark of your unity with Christ in the washing of the feet.  Ask your entire family to join, even those away from you, to join in the Holy Thursday Mass of the Lord’s Supper at Old St. Pat’s.


  • Invite all your Facebook friends to join with you in the live Stations of the Cross being telecast from Lady of Bethesda.


  • Join us on Facebook Live at noon to do a Novena to St. Theresa of Lesieux for all the people we’ve touched this week on the mission.
  • Invite all your friends and family to join with us at the Easter Vigil Mass at Old St. Pat’s.