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Welcome to The Well!

“The Well” serves as a portal for Regnum Christi and other Catholic formation resources and tools. Open to all, RC members and friends, a virtual “Hub” to have access to the core materials needed for personal and team Formation. The portal has been structured according to the “5 Dimensions of a Regnum Christi Member” – Prayer, Formation, Apostolate, Team Life and Personal Accompaniment.

This year our Study Circle Plan is to delve deep into each category which contains a Formation package of 5 or 6 components in the form of Draft Statues, videos, member testimonies, resources for reading and team discussion. The 5 Dimensions will be the “bread and butter” of our Study Circle plan for September 2017 thru June 2018.  Each member may do as little or as much as their state in life allows but the plan will be in place for all members

Monthly plan consists of the following:

Sep  |  Oct  |  Nov  |  Dec  |  Jan  |  Feb  |  Mar  |  Apr  |  May  |  Jun

For questions please contact Kristin Chmiel, Formation Coordinator

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The lay members of Regnum Christi begin a path of formation in which they discover in Christ the full meaning of their lives: being configured to Him and fulfilling their specific mission as members of the lay faithful to shed light on problems and transform the world in which they live. They should receive an integral formation, including their spiritual, human, apostolic and intellectual dimensions.

The Regnum Christi members assume responsibility for their own formation. At the same time, the competent authority must establish a formation plan that offers objectives, guidelines and means. Study circles and conventions are ordinary means of formation in the Movement.

From the draft statutes (June 2016)


Spiritual Life  |  Formation  |  Apostolate  |   Team Life  |  Accompaniment