The 4th Dimension of a Regnum Christi Member – Team Life

Orientation of the team life 

(From the draft statutes (June 2016)) 

  1. The lay members form part of a team. The team is the natural setting where the members develop their Regnum Christi lifestyle.  A team is a group of members united to help each other in their sanctification, formation and apostolic work, following the example of the primitive Christian communities.

Encounter with Christ

  1. The Encounter with Christ is the center of team life. In it, as a community of faith, the members confront themselves with the Word of God and the reality of the world in which they live; they encourage each other in the following of Christ and enkindle their apostolic zeal.

*the new draft statutes allow for the possibility of teams of married couples, with one couple acting as team leaders. Each territory is responsible for planning and overseeing how this is rolled out with its members.

2017-2018 Encounter with Christ Monthly Calendar

Monthly plan consists of the following:

Sep  |  Oct  |  Nov  |  Dec  |  Jan  |  Feb  |  Mar  |  Apr  |  May  |  Jun

For questions please contact Kristin Chmiel, Formation Coordinator

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