Regnum Christi members of the NY Tri-State area and friends of Regnum Christi tell “their story.”  How they came to be a Regnum Christi member or how Regnum Christi has changed their life and more!  view blog

Regnum Christi members are ordinary Catholics who are not satisfied with seeing a need and turning away … they run toward it! They seek to strengthen their relationship with God, strengthen one another in exquisite charity, and to bring the joyful blessing of God’s love to all!

They come from more than 30 countries, speak many different languages, and represent multiple cultures. They hail from a wide socio-economic spectrum. They are young and old, married and single. They are Catholic. Membership consists of approximately 21,500 young adults, adults, deacons, and priests; 10,000 youths are actively involved in the Conquest and Challenge clubs for boys and girls.

  • The Lay Members of the Regnum Christi Movement are Catholic faithful who personally accept a Divine vocation to live their Baptismal commitments in the midst of temporal realities according to the charism of Regnum Christi. They consider this vocation to be a loving gift from God to help them draw closer to Him.
  • They live and work in communion with the larger Regnum Christi family, which also includes the Legionary of Christ Priests, Consecrated Women, and Consecrated Men. They are accompanied by one another via team life, Spiritual Direction, etc., and joyfully accompany others along their spiritual journey.
  • The central elements of the Regnum Christi spirituality, which they live from their lay state of life are: Christ-centeredness, the living of charity, a contemplative and evangelizing spirit.
  • The Movement’s mission consists principally in the formation of ‘Apostles’, i.e., Christian leaders at the service of the Church… They take personally Jesus’ words to ‘go out to all the world and tell the Good News’ … they truly reflect that ‘the love of Christ impels us’ 2 Cor. 5:14 !
  • There are five pillars of the life of a Movement lay member: spiritual life, apostolate, formation, personal accompaniment and team life.

In November 2004, the Holy See granted definitive approval to the Statutes of the Regnum Christi Apostolic Movement. The text of the decree explains that its mission is “to establish the Kingdom of Christ in the world through the sanctification of its members in the individual state of life to which each one is called by God, and through individual and organized apostolic action at the service of the Church and its pastors …. Its specific charism is the same as that of the Legion of Christ: to know, live, and preach the commandment of love that Christ the Redeemer gave us through his Incarnation.” In this way, the Vicar of Christ, Pope St. John Paul II, confirmed the identity and charism of Regnum Christi.

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