A legionary begins his life in the congregation, after a short period of candidacy, for two years as a novice, a time that culminates in the profession of the religious vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience. He then dedicates one or two years to an intensified program of Humanities studies, followed by a period of three years in Rome to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy. Several years of apostolic internship provide a first experience of full-time work in one of the Legion’s apostolates. The last stage of formation consists in three years of theology studies towards a Bachelor and concludes with the priestly ordination.

Since 1982, the Congregation has had a novitiate in Cheshire, Connecticut. In 1991, the Legion of Christ College of Humanities was established in order to provide schooling and education for legionary brothers in their first three or four years of formation towards the priesthood. After two years of undergraduate education, the students are awarded with the Associate of Arts degree in Humanities.

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