Spiritual Exercises for Men | April 13-15, 2018 | St. Brigitta Retreat House

Our retreats combine guided meditations, private reflections, Mass, opportunities for Confession and Spiritual Direction. The retreat focuses on the Gospels and the fullness of the Catholic faith, opening the soul to the transforming power of grace.  More Info

Holy Happy Hour  |  Feb 7  |  LC community house

Join the Legionary fathers and Jeffrey Sprague for snacks/light dinner the Legionary community house in Rye.  One of the Legionary fathers will offer a brief talk followed by group discussion.

Men & Son’s Spiritual Exercises  | Feb 16-18  |  Cheshire, CT

The silent retreat is comprised of guided meditations, private reflection, Mass, opportunities for Confession and spiritual direction. There are separate tracks for grade school and high school age sons.