Regnum Christi Mission Corp
2012-13 team began its apostolate this September. The missionaries consist of 4 young men residing at the Thornwood Center in NY. For more information about what the Regnum Christi Mission Corps can offer at your parish or school please, call 914 244 3685 or send a message to

Fr Jason Smith, LC, RCMC Chaplain
Fr Jason was ordained in Rome on December 23, 2006 by Cardinal Franc Rode, after receiving a degree in the humanities from the Center of Humanities and Sciences in Cheshire, CT and degrees in philosophy and theology from the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum in Rome. After ordination he has dedicated his priesthood to the Catholic formation of youth in the New York and Bridgeport dioceses. Fr Jason is originally from Forest Lake, Minnesota and has a younger brother who was ordained to the priesthood with the Legionaries of Christ last December. 

Lukas Christa, Regnum Christi Mission Corp volunteer
Lukas was born in Bamberg, Germany in 1994 and grew up with two younger sisters. His favorite sport is european handball. Lukas decided to do a gap year as a missionary for the Legionaries of Christ in the U.S. after he graduated in Germany in 2012. He actually got to know the Legion in 2011 at the World Youth Day in Spain. He decided to give God the opportunity to work through him and to serve others as a missionary this year. In summer 2013 he will go back to Germany to study.

Patrick Grover, Regnum Christi Mission Corp volunteer

Patrick was born in Fair Banks, Alaska in 1994 and moved to Iowa when he was three. He grew up outside, getting his hands dirty on acreage where he loved to hunt, build various contraptions and fish when he could. He started homeschooling in sixth grade until his freshman year and then went back to public school. He participated in many extracurricular activities including sports such as, track, cross country, soccer, football, wrestling, and drama clubs. He has been with the Catholic Church since he was born and has been very involved in Conquest among other retreats and camps. After he graduated from high school he decided that he needed to truly deepen his spiritual life, and give back to God. He hopes to excel this year, to a point that he will successfully give his whole life to Christ, and bring as many people as possible to God. He plans on either going to college for an undecided major or giving another year to RCMC to really set in stone his formation.

Jonathan Hoffmaister, Regnum Christi Mission Corp volunteer
Jona Hoffmaister is from Cumming Ga. and attended Pinecrest Academy before he entered Mission Corps last year. He is currently doing  his second year and says, "last year was such an awesome year of growth and blessings and so far the second year has been just as special even considering its only been a few months." Jona stayed busy in highschool playing baseball and football year round, off season lifting, and keeping a high GPA at an academically demanding Legionary school. When he wasn't busy he would fish, play guitar, and wakeboard on the lake with his dad and friends. He is very interested in the current affairs of the world, being outdoors, and hanging out with the NY Mission Corps team. He hopes to attend UGA next year but is staying open to any calling that Christ may be asking.

Evan Hurd, Regnum Christi Mission Corp volunteer
bio coming soon...

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