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What couples are saying about their "Three to get Married" weekend...

Communication workshop

Funny, serious and practical.  The speaker was enthusiastic, honest and very likeable.

We were given useful tools and skills using real life situations and examples.

Discussions with married couples

Light hearted and funny 

It was great to hear couples that have fallen deeper in love throughout their marriage.

Energetic talk about real problems from a couple that transmit a great happiness.

Down to earth and going through it now.

Heartening to see a well adjusted, articulate, vibrant couple share the faith & the journey.

Principal-centered finance

So helpful because it taught us a realistic way to budget our money and save.

Great info! Realistic!

Sacramentality of marriage

Really made me feel that Jesus is very much present in our marriage

Premarital inventory

Such a crucial part to this weekend, it allowed us to see our compatibility and note what topics should be discussed.

Why go to confession and how to go

Explained without being “preachy”, put things into perspective and made confession less intimidating.

Presented in a truly sensitive tone, clarifying for me the cleansing of God’s forgiveness.

I definitely enjoyed the talk; there were some aspects of the Ten Commandments that I hadn’t really considered.


Excellent program can’t imagine getting married in the Catholic Church without it!

Honestly, the entire weekend was wonderful and well-worth our time.  I feel more in love with my future husband and better prepared for the Sacrament of Marriage.

I am extremely glad that we decided to do this program.  We thought we had talked about everything, but this brought up new and important topics we hadn’t considered before.  Thank you.

Inspiring, had a great time!  This program made us stronger as a couple and our overall communication skill increased very much.

Thank you to everyone who made this experience such a beautiful one.  The topics, every one, will be used for life-long experiences.  Once again, thank you for your support and generosity of yourselves. 


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